Grind your axe, Torgar!

Torgar’s Quest is a retro-inspired dungeon crawl, an adventure far into an old mine, an unforgiving roguelike – and an action packed good time. Quest for crystal shards and treasure, go slowly mad in the process. Die and start over, it’ll be fun!


  • Turn-based adventuring!
  • Permadeath. No SAVE!
  • Every dungeon level is different.
  • Upgrade weapons and armor as you go.
  • Randomized sets of special abilities.
  • Uncover Lore books and learn about the dwarves.
  • Find food and potions to stay alive.
  • Unlock achievements on Steam.
  • See if you can put your name on the leaderboards!

Battle monsters. Break things and find secret treasure! Too easy? Try hard or nightmare setting.

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