Beta testing has started

The first round of beta testing has begun. So much has changed since the last alpha build, from balancing and re-coding of everything from the combat system to spawning rules, to redrawing graphics, adding music, loading screen artwork, menus and translations. Hopefully all these things come together for a fun dungeon romp!

The hope for beta is to find bugs and fine tune the gameplay, to enhance what needs enhancing, remove what needs removing, and make Torgar’s Quest ready for release. This won’t happen in a week, or even one round of testing.

The first round is happening now and will run for three weeks, but there will be 2-3 rounds of testing altogether, in between which I will be fixing bugs and tweaking features based on feedback.

At some point in this process, the game will be put on Steam Greenlight, but that’s another update for another day.

Beta testing feedback can be followed in the Tagunda forums and using #TorgarBeta on Twitter.

Here are a couple of tweets from the days right before the launch…

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