Torgar Beta, Round 2 has begun!

Torgar's Quest, as it looks in this beta test.

A new round of beta testing starts this week, and presents a number of changes and adjustments, many of which are directly based on feedback from the previous test pass. Slowly but surely, the game is coming together, and we are looking at a spring release at this point. Follow the test pass on Twitter, using the #TorgarBeta hashtag.

Here is a list of updates to Torgar’s Quest, between the first round of testing, and this one.

Changes and additions

  • More original graphics have been added to the game.
  • Monsters are slightly better at chasing you.
  • The DW store has new graphics and much higher prices.
  • Less healing from crates at higher levels.
  • Fewer food drops from beasts and crates.
  • Food drop quantity in crates is now influenced by the Luck stat.
  • Experience progress is shown as a status bar.
  • Gold icon changes, the more wealth you acquire.
  • The game can now be played in French and Spanish (as well as Danish, German and English).
  • Special ability cooldown has changed. They can now be used a number of times equal to Torgar’s level.
  • The game screen now has vignetting for mood enhancement purposes.
  • Blood spatter graphics have been updated.
  • Increased aggro range and health for all monsters.
  • Muting the music is now an option in the preferences.
  • Monsters can now step on blood, and other items on the floor.
  • And several bug fixes.

Known issues

  • Using the store or selecting a special ability also progresses you a level deeper into the dungeon.
  • There is no translation for the option to mute the music (except in Danish).
  • There is no Portuguese in the game at this point.
  • Monsters still need to get smarter.

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