Torgar’s Quest is here!

Torgar’s Quest has launched, and is available on Steam now!

“Torgar squints, his eyes still adjusting to the sunlight. The mines behind him, and the Mastery Crystal in hand, he feels ready for anything…”

Main game features

  • 3 difficulty levels. Normal is for people who might be new to roguelikes or prefer a more casual game, Hard is for seasoned players, and Nightmare is for those who like a really tough challenge.
  • Lore books and voiceover provide flavor and a touch of humor to the game.
  • Procedurally generated dungeons and random special ability selection means that every game is new. If you prefer to replay the same one, enabling seeds can preset the randomization.
  • As you progress through the game, a story is told, about Torgar himself and the Splitbeard clan.
  • Steam integration with 15 achievements to unlock and leaderboards based on difficulty.
  • No save! If you die, the game is over. No reloading from a safe spot. It’s part of the challenge!
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Danish.

Started in the late summer of 2014, Torgar’s Quest has finally launched in its full glory. Exploring endless, randomly generated dungeons, leveling up and learning the strategy needed to survive – these and more features were inspired by years of playing these kinds of games, and yet there were several things that did not make it into release. So alongside this launch, I am happy to announce that a content update is already being planned. It will include floor traps, bosses, a Czech translation and more. This content will be added as a free update to anyone who already owns the game.

On behalf of the entire Tagunda team, today comes with a sigh of relief and a wide, satisfied grin. Torgar’s Quest is fun, which is the most important feature of any game. The hope was to make a roguelike dungeon crawl game, that could serve as an introduction to the genre, while still provide entertainment and challenge to more experienced players, and I think we succeeded.

Thank you for supporting Torgar’s Quest! Now, go buy it!

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