Torgar’s Quest to Launch on Steam!

Pre-release screenshot

We are thrilled to announce that Torgar’s Quest will launch on Steam, on May 31st 2016!

The plan is to have the game available for PC, Mac and Linux, with Steam leaderboards, achievements and all that good stuff. The downside is that our launch date has been adjusted to give us time to incorporate and test all this steamy goodness.

Originally, we wanted to release Torgar’s Quest in mid-march, but unfortunately we lost nearly a month to a technical setback, which we are still working out at the time of writing. Long story short, we have an issue getting the game engine to play nice with Steam’s API. We are working with the fine folks at YoYo Games on this, and once the issue is fully resolved, we’ll share more. As a result, pushing the launch date is necessary, but will also provide extra time to give the game a bit more polish.

If you are a live streamer or run a YouTube game channel, and you’d like to be considered for a free steam key, please add yourself to our list.

We are very happy to work with Steam for the launch of Torgar’s Quest, not only because it is the number one marketplace for desktop games, but because it will also be Tagunda’s first Steam title. Torgar’s Quest will be priced at $5.99 (US). We are flirting with a Xbox version too, but that will come later.

Incidentally, May 31st is also the day yours truly turns 40 years old. Never too old to play though.

Latest changes

  • Torgar’s Quest supports gamepads/controllers as well as the classic keyboard/mouse combo. This addition is a personal favorite of ours, because playing it this way is actually a lot of fun. Try it!
  • Graphics are still being updated and improved, from adding new monster sprites and destructibles, to tweaking menus and layout. The elements are all there, it’s just a matter of presenting them right.
  • Game balance has been revisited, making ‘Normal’ difficulty a little easier than it used to be, but still leaving the harder difficulties severely challenging.
  • Spawn rates have been adjusted, for monsters, destructibles, gear and crystal shards.
    UI was changed from the beta, moving most information to the sides, which meant also tweaking how levels are generated, to avoid parts of the dungeon being hidden under the side menu display.
  • Monster AI has been updated. Sometimes monsters will try to run away, sometimes they will chase you relentlessly.
  • Fixed several bugs, from missing special characters in Spanish to the music being too low.

We also have an ever-growing backlog of features we want to add or support in an update to the game, that will come post launch. Follow tagunda on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, if you want to keep up on the developments.

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