Anniversary Update Coming to Torgar’s Quest

Almost a year after the release of Torgar’s Quest on Steam, we are happy to announce that the first major update to the game is in the works. We are calling it the Anniversary Update, and though there isn’t a release date for this yet, we are excited to share some of the things you can expect to see. In the same breath, we’d like to apologize for the time it has taken to get this update started. I shall not waste time on the reason for this delay, but rather save that story for another time.

Without further ado, here are a couple of coming features.

The Lore Room is a special collection in the game, where all the found lore books are displayed. This library builds across your game sessions, until you have all 40 books (which unlocks an achievement on Steam). In the Lore Room, you can easily see which tomes you are missing, and re-read the ones you have already found.

The Floor Trap is a new obstacle in the game itself. These do the same amount of damage as exploding furniture/crates, but instead of exploding, sharp sticks poke little Torgar. These traps are barely visible on the map, so are most likely to be triggered when Torgar charges ahead a little too fast. A single trap can be triggered multiple times if you are clumsy enough to step on it more than once. They can also be used strategically, as monsters will avoid them.

The Boss Monster is a new enemy, which will be larger and scarier than the others, and only pop up on rare occasions. They are significantly tougher than your average mob but also offers handsome rewards.

Bug fixes based on your feedback are also being taken care of. This includes little things, like remembering your preference for full screen/windowed mode between sessions, and updating the “View Leaderboard” button, so it takes you to the Steam leaderboard matching your game’s difficulty settings. Speaking of which, now is an excellent time to use our bug report feature on the website, in case you have something you’d like to see fixed in the Anniversary Update.

More features in this update will be announced a bit later on, because we like to tease a little.

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