Quest for the Mastery Crystal!

“Some say it is the will of the ancient Rock Gods, that one day, the Mastery Crystal shall shine again!”

Take on the role of a young, dwarven prince named Torgar Splitbeard, who sets out to prove himself and collect 7 shards of a magical stone known as the Mastery Crystal.

Torgar’s own family and the other Splitbeard dwarves think nothing of this young prince, and that makes Torgar mad! Restoring the magical stone is his way to show them all, that he is a true hero. He shall enter the abandoned Deepgold Mines! And when he returns with the legendary crystal, he shall become ruler of the Splitbeard Clan!

Torgar’s descent into the Deepgold Mines unfolds as you progress through the dungeon. The longer your game, the deeper Torgar goes, and the more will be revealed.


Behind the curtain

This game started while another project was held up by technical difficulties, but soon took on a life of its own. At first, it was mostly an experiment in generating random dungeons, but soon enough there were monsters and treasure to be found. The project came alive, and Torgar became a character.

The story of the Deepgold Mines is closely tied to the Mastery Crystal, which in turn is tied into why the Splitbeard clan left the mines in the first place. Adventure on to learn more, both in between levels, but also through lore books that randomly drop in the dungeon.

Torgar’s Quest is one dwarf’s story, but it is also the story of his clan, his mountain and there are hints at both a terrible evil and ancient, powerful rock gods.

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