Tips for Torgar

On the surface, Torgar’s Quest is fairly straight forward; run around a dungeon, find the crystal shards, don’t die. Below the surface, however, there are details at play. In this section, you’ll find some tips that will help you get more out of playing the game, and better survive the depths of the Deepgold Mines.

  • Part of the gold you have when the game ends, is converted into points for your score. So if you’re the kind of gamer that cares about leaderboard placements and high scores, you will want to finish with as much gold as possible.
  • Food is worth more at the lower levels. Each time you eat (use R to rest/eat), 10 health points are restored to Torgar. At higher levels, you will need to eat more, to get back to full health. Remember, you need room to rest. That means no monsters can be too close.
  • When Torgar moves over a potion or food item, but doesn’t pick it up, it is because he is carrying the maximum allowed quantity, which is 30 for food and 1 for potions.
  • Use potions (the E key), preferably when you’re almost out of health, as they fully restore it. Using a potion when you’re barely wounded is a waste of magical power!
  • If you previously passed food or a potion on the same dungeon level, make a mental note of its location. It could be worth coming back for later. You can take more chances, if you know, you have a cache of healing items around.
Sometimes your best bet is to run away. Here, two elites are chasing Torgar, who is low on health without a potion. Not a good situation.

Sometimes your best bet is to run away. Here, two elites are chasing Torgar, who is low on health without a potion. Not a good situation.

  • Positioning is important in combat versus many enemies at a time. Use crates, corners and other obstacles for cover, and try to avoid getting surrounded.
  • If you run into a room full of monsters, chances are good they will start to chase you. Keep running far enough, and you may shake them off again. Just be careful you don’t lead them towards more monsters!
  • When chasing Torgar, elite and rare monsters will be more persistent than the rest. It can be hard to get rid of monsters chasing you, and your best bet is to use obstacles and sharp corners to get some distance between you. With enough distance, monsters will eventually give up the chase.
  • Hold down movement keys to keep moving in the same direction. This also applies when fighting, but if you’re low on health, you might want to go slow enough to keep an eye on that.
  • Your best source of food is containers such as crates, as well as various beasts. Occasionally elite monsters will drop food too, but for those you’ll have to fight harder. Potions spawn randomly and will sometimes drop from barrels and other obstacles.
  • Playing at higher difficulties adds bonuses to your score, but the game is also much tougher to beat. Experts only!

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